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The best gift someone can get on his birthday will be peace of mind.

The peace of mind, knowing that you are reconciled with your good old friends.


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Dear Future Wife.

Please be patient. Okay?

Please be patient if I don’t have the guts (for now) to court you. Or maybe ask you to marry me.

I can’t be the “Mr. Right” or “The One” now because my life sucks at the moment. I don’t have future plans, I have to improve myself in all aspects. I have to be the Mr. Right on my own to deserve you. 

I was not born rich, just a kid from a humble family. In short I am starting from scratch. So please be patient and don’t get tired of waiting for me. (I hope so)

I must be able to provide for all our kids. (No matter how many kids you wanted to have)

I must be able to protect you from all imminent dangers, therefore, I must have a home that you will look after.

I must be able to lead you in that marriage life that you’ve always dreamed of.

I dreamed of living with you in an almost perfect way. (but not perfect, let’s leave some room for improvement.)

They say, time is the only thing capable of understanding what truly love is. Please let me buy some more of your time.

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when one became too hungry for power, he will do anything to stay on the power that he is lingering on.

Too bad for someone who leads a great cause.

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Not because I don’t seem to care on things with greater importance in our lives, doesn’t mean I totally don’t care anymore. It takes an amount of patience to wait for things to happen, in its own time.

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Don't mess with me.

Eksena kagabi habang naglalakad ako sa gilid ng Dusit Thani (para lang hindi ma-late.)
I am approaching a plant box,habang naglalakad tapos may 2 babae na nag-aabang ata ng masasakyan. Eh nakaearphones ako tapos nagcecellphone, Although at first, di ko talaga napansin ung plant box pero nung malapit na bigla ko rin nakita so nakaiwas ako. (Lucky!)
Kaso etong dalawang babae, bigla ba naman natawa habang nakatingin saken, (kita ko from my side)
eh dahil lumabas ang pagkamaldito ko, paglampas ko ng konti sa kanila, I put off my earphones, shouted at the top of my lungs "FVCK YOU B!TCHES!" waiting for them to look at them at put on my favorite hand sign! hahaha! Sabay talikod at patawang lumakad papasok ng opisina. :
Oo! pikon ako! at masaya kong nakabawi! hahaha!
eto ang tunay na #100happydays! :

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